The Importance of Timers

A timer can be an important tool for success with daily activities and routines for children of all ages. A visual timer helps children understand the concept of time by allowing them to see the movement of time. This can be a good motivator as it allows a child to visually see an end to an activity or how long they must wait for a preferred activity. It can also assist with smooth transitions so the child knows when to expect a change in routine.

There are a variety of visual timer apps available for both apple and android products, which have an option for alarm sounds and the ability to choose the time duration. Some of these include: 

App TitleDeveloperPriceDescription
FlipsTimer.png AndroidFlip's TimerSpark DeveloperFree  Time elapses visually on 
a circular picture.
TimeTimer.png AndroidTime TimerTime Timer LLC$1.99  Shows elapsed time
on analog clock.
EasyKidTimer.png$1.00Shows elapsed time on 
analog clock. Customizable 
with ability to import 
pictures and descriptions.
KidsTimer.png AndroidKids TimerSkywiseFreeTime elapses visually on
a circular picture. Option
for visual to move 
 Children's Countdown.pngAppleChildren's Countdown - 
Visual countdown
timer for preschoolers
Fehners Software LLPFreeTimer uncovers a picture
as it counts down. Optional 
sound. Up to 60 
minutes of time
 kidscountdown.png AppleKids Countdown - 
Visual timer for preschool 
Idea4eFreeTimer uncovers picture as 
it counts down. 
Optional Sound
 ASDTools.pngAppleASD ToolsChestnut AppsFreeTimer shows digital and visual countdown. 
Able to select 
from  picture library or 
import your own picture.  
 TimeTimer.pngAppleTime TimerTime Timer LLC$2.99 iPhone, 
$4.99 iPad
Shows elapsed time on 
analog clock.
 Timer+TouchHD.png AppleTimer+ Touch HDSix Axis LLC$1.99Time elapses visually
on a circular 
clock-like picture

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