For the Holidays

The holidays are a great reason to celebrate during the month of December. Through the season, there are many ways kids can have fun, whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa or any other special occasion!
Here are some fun ideas for crafts, gifts, festivities and holiday traditions.

Looking for something new to put on the tree this year? Family Education recommends special homemade gifts as a great way for your children to take part in holiday festivities and to create the perfect keepsake that you’ll treasure for years to come.  Homemade ornaments, whether it’s made out of dough, beads, yarn, or even macaroni, become a creation that is special because your child made it. To personalize it, you can inscribe their full name or place a photo in the center. What friend or relative wouldn’t love a holiday greeting card made out of cotton balls and colorful paper? Skip the extra trip to the Hallmark aisle and have craft items on hand for kids to create snowmen, Santa, reindeer, or other holiday creatures.

BabyCenter provides some great tips to keep in mind for the holidays, including making accommodations ahead of time and during family gatherings, including your child in festivities and holiday preparations, and delegating the holiday decorating.

Passing down a toy to younger siblings, driving around neighborhoods to view holiday light displays, preparing holiday activities, inviting family and friends, singing carols, taking pictures with Santa are just some of iVillage’s many ideas for celebrate holiday traditions this year.

Amongst the business of the festivities, there are many ways to make the holidays meaningful for your child.

Happy Holidays from Pediatric Therapy Partners!

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