Mental Health

There are many things we try to do to lead long, healthy lives but often times addressing mental health wellness is not one of them.

The month of May is recognized as Mental Health Month to help raise awareness of mental health issues and continue to help individuals live healthy lifestyles. Although it can be more difficult to recognize signs of poor mental health, it is just as significant and important as physical health. 
According to the American Psychological Association, biology, genetics, and other factors can lead to different levels of risk for developing a mental health disorder. Poor mental health can often times become a hindrance in a child’s development. For example, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity and stress can become roadblocks in daily activities and make it very difficult to learn new skills and participate in age appropriate activities.

Signs of poor mental health can include behavior issues at school or home; change in appetite; difference in sleep pattern; withdrawal; signs of sadness or self-destructive behavior.  If your child is showing any of these signs, there are options that you can take including talking about it with health care professionals. 

At Pediatric Therapy Partners, we have a team of Occupational Therapists that can help treat such concerns.  In addition to the typical mental health training that Occupational Therapists receive, our staff has additional training and certifications that help us better serve children with mental health concerns.

If you have any concerns regarding the mental health of your child please call or visit our website to schedule a free screening.  Don’t wait and see.  Find out and know.