Aquatic Therapy

Hoping to take the family to the lake or pool this summer?  Water can be a great medium for therapy.

Aquatic or Pool Therapy can be a great alternative for children to perform activities that they may not be able to on land.  When the correct combination of land and water therapy is used, it can be incorporated into all therapy disciplines, including Occupational, Physical, and Speech-Language Therapy.  We are proud to offer an Aquatic Therapy Program here at PTP, led by Shannon Buckmier, PT.  According to Shannon, the potential benefits of aquatic therapy are many.

“Aquatic Therapy provides great sensory input as the water provides gentle movement and pressure.  It can provide a great supplement to traditional “land based” therapies.” Shannon also states that “children can gain strength and range of motion as children may be able to move in the pool in ways they could not on land.”  

The pool is a great place to work on language skills, social skills, behavior issues, play skills and cognitive skills.  Working in the water helps to improve endurance and respiratory function.  Plus it is just plain fun!

Children that have gross motor delays, Autism Spectrum Disorders, sensory processing disorders, Down Syndrome, Celebral Palsy, and any other phsyical, sensory, or developmental delays are great candidates for Aquatic Therapy.  Aquatic Therapy also provides a great environment for post-surgical rehabilitation as it can help increase range of motion and decrease pain associated with movement after surgical events.

If you feel Aquatic Therapy is right for your child, or if you have more questions, please visit our website or call today to set up an evaluation.